Prescription Policies

Prescription Refill Policy

We are asking our clients to please plan ahead and allow up to 24 hours for your pet’s prescriptions to be refilled. A 24-hour notice gives your doctor time to review the pet’s medical record, make sure no changes are needed to the prescription, and allows our staff time to fill the medication in between our appointments and regular day-to-day duties. Please note that we are also unable to process refills after hours, on the weekends, or during observed holidays.

Prescription Refund Policy

Any prescription medication that has left the building and is opened or used CANNOT BE RETURNED. Please know that all of our medications are regulated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), therefore we are subject to the same dispensing laws as human pharmacies.

Online Pharmacies

We are unable to approve prescriptions to any online pharmacy that is not the Hermitage Animal Clinic pharmacy, as we cannot vouch for the quality, proper storage, or legitimacy of these medications. If you would like to purchase medications from a separate online pharmacy company, we can provide you with a written prescription that you can pick up from our facility at your leisure.​